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BROWS "3d hair stroke", "powder brows"

Microblading, poweder-brows, 3d hair strokes | Silk-Studio Helsinki



3D Hair-stroke or Powder brows 295 €*

*Prices include 2 appointments. WhatsApp info +358 40 968 1999.

About the treatment

Appointment is started by discussing first about your wishes regarding to the eyebrows. Brows are then drawn to confirm the desired shape. After carefull planning is done numbing cream is applied over the brows and the pigmentation of the strokes begins. We will ensure your comfort for the whole process.

Treatment time is typically several hours. Each stroke is pre-planned and marked before pigmentation. During the treatment you can just relax for example by listening your favourite audio book or music with ear buds.

Before leaving you will receive after-care instructions. To follow instructions carefully will give you the best results. Also we will book you appointment for the second treatment.

Second treatment is performed around a month later as the color typically decreases by 20-60 % after the first treatment. The purpose of second treatment is to finish color, shape and long lasting results.

The micropigmentation last 1-3 years. After this you can renew treatment.

Additional information

There is no need to make any preparation prior to the treatment but sunbathing and solarium are prohibited during 3 weeks before.

Respiratory infections (cough, runny nose, fever) or active cold sores prevent treatment. Please call us soon as possible if you do not feel healthy on a treatment day.

 ! If you have done eyebrow micropigmentation previously elsewhere you might need to remove these pigments first before we can perform the treatment. Also for example over microblading we won't do any kind of other pigmentation. This is our way to ensure the best possible quality of our brows.

For the payment method we recommend usual Credit and Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as MobilePay. You can also choose pre-payment option that is available in Timma-app. 

A warm welcome to our studio in Helsinki!

* You can re-schedule or cancel appointment online for free 24h before. Use the link added on to your booking verification email. For unused booking 50% of the service fee will be debited.

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