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PRP Vampire Facial for face - 125 €

PRP Vampire Facial for face, neck, decollete - 150

PRP Vampire Facial for scalp - 150

PRP Treatment x 3 for face, neck, decollete - 349 €




PRP Vampire Facial

PRP treatment offers natural and long lasting results for a younger and more vital looking skin. After the treatment skin structure is going to look and feel recovered. PRP also has favorable benefits against rosacea and acne. 


PRP treatment use customer's own plasma which is separated from the blood sample taken first. Plasma contains body’s own growth factors which help stimulate skin cell renewal (collagen, elastin) after it's been injected into treated area.


PRP can be used anywhere in the face and neck area, or for the scalp where it will also support hair growth. Results for PRP starts to show after few weeks. For best results we recommend first 3 x treatment and then one touch up treatment per year or two.


Treatment is very allergy friendly because there are no synthetic ingredients in use.


During the treatment numbing cream is used for your comfort. After the treatment skin redness is normal and some blood is shown because of the injections. Skin will cool down in a few hours and rest of the marks from the treatment will fade away in 1-3 days. In a meanwhile these almost invisible marks can be hide with make up. Bruises are rare.

Additional information

Treatment´s suitability will be checked before the start. If you are using any medicine or have any illnesses please disclose this matter during booking.


Please avoid exercise and dining 3-4 hours before appointment.

PRP Treatment x 3 can be paid in part. During first and second visit you will pay only one time treatment price. On third visit you only pay the remaining amount. For payment cash and usual Credit and Debit cards are accepted in studio. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)  

A warm welcome to come try PRP to our studio in Helsinki!

* You can re-schedule or cancel appointment 24 hours before. For unused booking 50 % of the service fee will be debited.


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