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SUGARING - for Men



(Inc. 3 treatment areas of your choice)

Treatment areas are legs, bum and thighs, armpits, back and shoulders, chest and stomach, face.

About sugaring

Sugaring is a gentle, effective and hygienic hair removal method that uses only natural ingredients to remove hair.

Sugaring removes efficiently hairs and dead skin cells but does not damage or irritate your healthy skin - You have instantly smooth, brighter and healthier looking skin. Sugars can be used in all areas of the body.

Used product is 100 % natural made from sugar, water and lemon juice and it is applied to the skin same as room temperature.

Sugaring can be used to remove hair even less than 2 mm long for example from the face. However the best hair removal length is 5 mm or more. Therefore do not unnecessarily shorten your hairs before the treatment.

We recommend to exfoliate your skin 2-3 days before and to use moisturizer on the previous days.

At the end of the treatment your skin is treated with a nourishing and soothing cream so you do not have to worry about home care on the day of treatment.

Additional information

Results last around 3-6 weeks and after that treatment can be renewed at any time. During sugarings continue treat your skin with moisture and exfoliate few times a week.

After first treatment skin might feel a bit sensitive and some redness can occur.

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