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Taking care of your new eyelash extension is easy. Just remember to follow these basic rules to maintain long lasting results.


Keep also in mind that you should not feel any uncomfort. If you experience any sign of allergy we recommend removing extensions if symptoms are not to ease in few days with proper care or symptoms are getting worst.

Lash Shampoo Silk-Studio

1. First day (24h)

You need to keep lashes dry and let the glue settle. So do not wash your lashes in any way. If lashes get wet/moist in any reason please try to dry them gently. In other cases avoid any unnecessarily touching. 


2. Brush your lashes 

Comb your lashes daily with Personal Lash Brush. Comb lashes only when they are dry.  Avoid eyelash curlers. They might harm your natural lashes and the glue holding your extensions. 


3. Clean your lashes

Clean your lash gently with Silk-Studio Lash Shampoo. Wash will stop body´s natural impurities to melt the glue.  Use cotton sticks to help remove any eye makeup. 

If you are loosing a lot of extensions during first week please take contact to studio.

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