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Eyelash extensions, lash repair

Ripsienpidennykset Helsinki, Eyelash Extensions Helsinki

We make all eyelash extensions professionally and guarantee a beautiful result.





Repairs starting at  55 €

About our lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are made using two different techniques. Chosen technique or mix of these depends on what kind of lash style is wanted. Generally classical eyelash extensions will give you more natural and stylish results, and volume bundles more striking fullness. Hybrid lashes are a combination of these styles. With hybrid the lash line is broken and looks more “spikey”.

When adding classic eyelash extensions only one extension is applied individually to one natural lash. When using volume lashes, we are adding 5-10 extensions on one. These volume lashes are however a bit thinner and more flexible than classical extensions. Regardless of the technique the maintenance interval is around 3-4 weeks when after-care instructions are followed.



Additional information

To support your natural lash growth, we recommend using patented Pelo Baum Lash Lash peptide-serum.


We only use hypoallergenic and well tolerated glues to attach the eyelash extensions.

If extensions have been made elsewhere and there is a need to remove many of them in the beginning extra charge mighty be debited (10-15 €).


Check beautiful B/A pictures from our INSTAGRAM.


For the payment method we recommend usual Credit and Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as MobilePay. You can also choose pre-payment option that is available in Timma-app. 

A warm welcome to our studio in Helsinki!


* You can re-schedule or cancel appointment online for free 24h before. Use the link added on to your booking verification email. For unused booking 50% of the service fee will be debited.

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