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For the best treatment outcome it is important to follow these instructions after peels. Protecting your self against sunlight, and carefully chosen home-care products are the key factors to success.

24h after peeling

Allow your skin to rest for the first day after the treatment. Moisturizing with emollient cream is allowed.

1-10 days after peeling
OR during treatment period

  • Use only mild and only moisturizing skin products.  Keep skin hydrated and protected!

  • Avoid all kinds of exfoliating products or powerful serums. + Do not use products containing A or C vitamins or their derivatives. 

  • Protect the treatment area from the sunlight and use sunscreen. Direct sunbathing and solarium are prohibited.

  • Let your skin peel naturally and it´s own time. No sauna, no swimming.

7-14 days before the next peel

  • Add an exfoliating toner for the daily use or use non-granular peeling creams or masks 2-3 times a week.

  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Do not let you skin get dry.

  • Remember that before the peels you need to avoid other beauty treatments like lasers, micro needling, derma-rolling, mesotherapy etc. at least two weeks prior. Also some drugs or creams can increase your skin more photosensitive that needs to be avoided.   


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