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Renewing aha-acid peel

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Treatment includes preliminary cleansing, water-based peeling, pre-peeling toner and preparations, acid peeling and moisturizing.


About the treatment

All chemical peels accelerate skin regeneration, improve skin color errors and enhance overall look of your skin. Depending on the chosen acid different skin problems can be targeted a bit more accurate.


To get maxim results it is recommended to take multiple treatments and have a proper home skin-care routine between the treatments. During the treatment period peels are run 3-6 times every 2-4 weeks. A single treatment can be used to light-up or to re-activate and maintain beautiful skin once or twice a year.


Glycolic acid is the smallest and the lightest alpha hydroxy acid (AHA, fruit acid) in terms of a molecular size. Therefore, glycolic acid is the best fruit acid to penetrates the skin's surface. Glycolic acid peeling is an excellent treatment for fighting against wrinkles, lines and photoaging. In the first treatment peeling is done with approx. 35% acid. The next 2-6 visits can be switched to using 50-70% acid according to the condition and tolerance of your skin. (Full strength of the acid is 70%)


Lactic acid peel is used on fighting against uneven skin tone (dark spots, pigments). Treatment is also an excellent and intensive treatment for a dry and dull skin at wintertime. That is because lactic acid is helping to strengthen skin's own moisture balance. Treatment is suitable for all skin types. Also, for a dark and/or sensitive skin. (Strength of the acid is 90%)

Additional information

After the treatment skin usually recovers quickly. The peeling effect is the strongest after 3-4 days. However, peeling is normally smooth and not noticeable when you remember to use moisturizer.

AHA acid peel sensitize skin lightly for sunlight. Therefore, it´s recommended to have peelings only between fall and spring, and not in summertime. Remember to use sunscreen when necessarily! Other home-care instructions can be read here. (Link)

! Acid peels are not suitable if the skin has inflammatory symptoms, or the skin is broken. Skin sensitizing drugs (like Roaccutan), or pregnancy are also contraindications to have the treatment.


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