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Microneedling facial
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Microneedling with HA (hyaluronic acid) face & neck - 85 €

Microneedling with A-vitamin for face & neck - 109

Microneedling with A-vitamin + Glygolic acid - 129

The treatment includes pre-cleansing and exfoliation, microneedling with HA or A-vitamin and lastly moisturizer + LED light therapy. The duration of the treatment is around 45-60 minutes.


Microneedling (aka collagen induction therapy)

Microneedling is an effective facial that mechanically stimulates the skin's natural healing mechanisms. Microneedling revives the skin's own collagen and elastin fibers by using sterile 16 pin needling pen to create micro channels on the skin. At the same time, needling also enhances the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid. As a result of the treatment, the skin becomes younger and stronger. In addition, the moisture balance and tone of your skin improves.

Microneedling is a good option as an intensive treatment for anti-aging and dry skin. The treatment is also helpful against minor skin impurities, redness and UV damages. For the younger skin needling can be done as a refreshing treatment. If you have a thin and sensitive skin microneedling strengthens it by stimulating.

​We recommend 3-6X treatments with 4-6 weeks treatment intervals, as well as maintenance treatment every 6-12 months. However, keep in mind that even a single needling visit refreshes and brings a glow to the skin. Results are shown on the skin gradually and best results after 9-12 months.

​Microneedling does not hurt (too much). Mainly the treatment feels as a minor tingling or a slight heating sensation on the skin. But like always no pain, no gain! However, the end-results are rewarding! During needling we always use a safe needling depth of 0.2-1 mm.

Additional information

Microneedling is a popular fall-winter season treatment like chemical peels. This is namely because you need to protect your skin from UV-rays before and after these treatments.

After microneedling the skin is usually a bit red and may also look swollen. However, the redness and swelling will usually go down quickly. During the needling small local bleeding is possible. (Notice. Local redness and skin soreness might occur during the next days of the treatment. Light skin peeling is possible after a week.)

The skin must not be touched for a 4h after the treatment. The next 24h all skincare is recommended to avoid. After that you can go back to your normal skin-care routines. However, after microneedling sauna, sport, swimming, hot baths and alcohol should be avoided for a week. Direct sunbathing and solarium should be avoided for 1 month after the treatment.

Treatment´s suitability will be checked before the start. If you are using any medicine or have any illnesses, please disclose this matter during booking.

​For the payment we recommend usual Credit and Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), MobilePay or alternatively you can ask for part-time-payment option. Visits are also possible to pay in advance when making your booking by using Timma-app.

A warm welcome to come to our studio in Helsinki!

* You can re-schedule or cancel appointment online for free 24h before. Use the link added on to your booking verification email. For unused booking 50% of the service fee will be debited.

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