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MANDELIC ACID SERIAL TREATMENT x 3 + 1 - 349 € | Incl. V10Plus home-care products


About the treatment

Mandelic Acid is a natural, effective and safe skin-care ingredient (AHA, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid). Mandelic Acid Peeling gives strength, soothe and bright to the skin and corrects various skin problems. The effectiveness of mandelic acid peeling is based on use of multiple treatments as well as proper home skin-care routines between the treatments. During the treatment period peels are run three times every 2 to 3 weeks. The first peel is lighter and more skin-preparing. Following peels are stronger. Multiple treatments are recommended only twice a year but these gives the best results. A single treatment can be used to light-up and to activate already a healthy skin.


All in One

Mandelic Acid Peeling accelerates skin regeneration and improves moisture balance. At the same time skin color errors (darker spots) get lighten and overall look of the skin will be bright. Due to mandelic´s antibacterial and antiseptic qualities treatments reduce the amount of skin impurities and sebum. In addition to all the good things acid stimulates skin´s collagen and elastin production and it can be used as an anti-age treatment.  


Additional information

Mandelic acid peeling is suitable for all skin types. If you decide to book only one-time treatment we recommend you to start using peeling toner 2 weeks before the peel. Use toner daily. Also avoid any mechanically peeling face scrubs. If you choose our x3 -treatments you do not need to make any preparations.


After the treatment skin recovers quickly and there is no need to hide. The peeling effect is the strongest after 3-4 days. However, peeling is normally smooth and not noticeable.


Thanks to the large molecules of mandelic acid, peeling is slower and gentler on the skin compared to other acids. Also peel control is more flexible than with other acids. Because of these qualities, mandelic acid is considered a safe alternative in a world of beauty.


Almond acid peel is safe to use on summer times as well. However, sunscreen still must be used. Other home-care instructions are given during the first visit.

Almond acid is not suitable if the skin has inflammatory symptoms or the skin is broken. Skin sensitizing drugs (like Roaccutan), or pregnancy are also contraindications to have a peel.


Maximize the results [Serial treatment 3 + 1 with V10Plus]

Add extra peel with mandelic acid. This gives you more treatments with stronger acids. Included V10Plus home-care-products help achieve your goals. Read more about the products here >

If the skin problem is especially oily skin and skin impurities (blackheads, acne),  we offer an option to choose peels with mix of mandelic, salicylic, azelaic, ursolic and lactic acids for the best results.

Choosing x 3 treatment at once you can save money rather than booking three separate appointments. For payment cash and usual Credit and Debit cards are accepted in studio (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as Klarna In-store. 


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* You can re-schedule or cancel appointment 24 hours before. For unused booking 50 % of the service fee will be debited.

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